Serving in the Church


While serving is a tangible way to Love God and walk in obedience, it’s also great way to demonstrate one of our values Others > Us. God has created each individual in our Real Life community (Yes, that includes you!) with unique skills, interests, and gifts to equip the body of Christ.

We value the way God has created you, and don’t want you to be on the sidelines missing out on spiritual growth! Search the list below to see the large array of volunteer opportunities and email that individual to let them know you're interested in learning more or jumping right into serving and we'll connect you and see if it is a fit to where God may be leading you to plug in.


Core Needs:

Special Needs Buddy This role works within the children and student ministry to be a buddy to those with special needs. This person provides 1-on-1 assistance and attention to children and students who need extra support on Sunday mornings.The Buddies program helps every child and family feel cared for, regardless of how much care they need.

Teacher Assistant Teacher Assistants help the main classroom teacher by corralling children and walking with kids through the assigned craft and lesson illustration provided.  This is an easy entry and greatly needed role for Children’s Ministry.

Additional Opportunities:

Greeter The Greeter on Sunday mornings greets families, making them feel welcome and walks them to class so they know where to go and where to pick up their children.

Christmas Program Director The Kids Christmas program director directs our K-5th graders in a Christmas program that consists of skits and singing to be performed for the church.


o  We have several storage cabinets and a large resource closet throughout our building. We would love an organizer to help keep it neat, organized and labeled.  If you love organization – we need you.

o  During the week after service, our Kids rooms and toys need sanitizing to ensure everything is properly cleaned for the next service.  This could be a family volunteer opportunity.  

o  Certain times throughout the year we need a lot of bags packed for special events. All materials are provided and this volunteer puts together kids bags for special occasions such as Christmas, Easter etc.

Post Card Writer We are looking for a post card writer for children within the ministry to write notes to make kids feel special and loved for their birthday, we miss you notes and encouragement postcards to children in our ministry.  A great way to help kids feel cared for and valued.


To learn more or sign up to serve in any of these roles contact: Tina Goodwin


Core Needs:

Special Needs Buddy This team works within the children and student ministry to be a buddy to those with special needs. This person provides 1-on-1 leadership and attention to children and students who need extra support on Sunday mornings.The Buddies program helps every child and family feel cared for, regardless of how much care they need.

Additional Opportunities:

MIA leader The MIA leader will work within the student ministry to identify students and families who have not attended Transit or Small Group for more than 3 weeks. This person will work to contact and reconnect with the family or student. We want people to notice that we noticed they are missing.

 Walk you up This position is for outgoing, welcoming, and energetic people who work to make others feel comfortable. Responsibilities include walking new families from the lobby downstairs, to kids and student environments upstairs.

 Can’t wait to see you Now that we know who is coming to our Student Ministry and Children’s environments, we have an opportunity to help those students and children feel welcome even before they set foot in the door. This person will be responsible for connecting with children and students before they attend the Sunday gathering that they registered for.

 Small Group leader coach As a coach to our SGLs and Transit leaders, we need you to both manage and shepherd the small group leaders in your care. You win when small group leaders feel known, trained, and celebrated so that they can do for their few what you do for them.

 Volunteer hospitality This person has the responsibility to make sure that volunteers are well cared for on Sunday mornings. They provide a welcoming atmosphere, food and drink for volunteers in the kitchen before each service.

Social Media This person tells the story of Sunday morning on our social media pages. They work with the photography team to share what happened and what happens on Sunday morning throughout the week. 

Postcard Writer This person loves to write! At the beginning of the month they are responsible to write to each student in our ministry with a birthday during that month.


To learn more or sign up to serve in any of these roles contact: Mike Johnson


Core Needs:

Outreach Opportunities Leader This role needs someone passionate about reaching people who don’t attend church regularly contacts local and worldwide missionaries to let them know we are thinking of them and ask if there are any needs we can help with.  Help us contact schools, local organizations and ministries to create awareness and plan service events. Must be relational and organized. Ability to dream is a plus!

Property/Grounds Worker(s) Throughout the year our church property/grounds needs work.  Planting flowers, trimming tree limbs, mulching, removing debris, spreading rock, etc.  All materials are paid for by the church but we need someone who will take this role on and help us make our property look excellent.  

Construction/Project Volunteer Are you gifted at building and completing projects?  We are always needing someone or a team of people to work on projects around the church for various ministries and special events.  This person will serve on an as-needed basis. If we need something build, a display put up, you would be on a team we would contact.  

Additional Opportunities:

Touch Up Painter Our building appearance really matters to us. To keep our building in top condition we need touch up painting done about every 6 months to cover scuffs and scrapes

Decoration Coordinator and oversees the execution of seasonal/photo-booth/special event decor. 

Set up/Tear Down of Tables/chairs This person is responsible for setting up for events/groups that use our building. This primarily includes setting up chairs, tables, and removing unneeded pieces of furniture. This would be an as needed position with opportunities coming up a few times a month.

Decor As requested by staff, occasionally update/ redesign decor throughout the building.  This is an as needed position, but occasionally we need to update an area or rethink the decor could use help with design (in conjunction with staff) and implementation


To learn more or sign up to serve in any of these roles contact: Our Admin Team

Welcome and Connect Team

Core Needs:

Young Adults Community Launcher/Leader Has a heart and passion to see young adults (18-20 somethings)connected in community and discipled. This could start out as a community group, but this person would desire to grow the influence and community RealLife has with Young Adults- looking to establish a young-adults gathering. (Approximately: Weekly 4 hours)

Coffee Brewer This person ensures that there is coffee ready to go each Sunday morning. This would entails having the coffee prepped and brewed by 8:30am. And then the Welcome Team would take it from there. Can serve 1 - 4 times a month.

Coffee Clean Up This person cleans and puts away all the coffee supplies following the start of 2nd service. This would entail collecting the coffee urns, washing them out, and resetting the kitchen for the next Sunday. Can serve 1 - 4 times a month.

PiN (People in Need) Ministry Food Deliver This person would be responsible for delivering the PiN lunches to the PiN offices in Virginia Beach. We make lunches for PiN roughly every other month.

PiN (People inNeed) Food Pickup Bimonthly pick up a large order from Sam's Club and deliver it to the church kitchen.  All items are ordered and purchased by the church.  We need someone to scheduled that would pickup food and deliver to the church.

Additional Opportunities:

Military Liaison/Organizer Brainstorm and implement ways to help those who have transferred into the area to connect with real life. Also, systemize ways for the church to know when a spouse is out on deployment and check in/ find ways to support the remaining spouse during deployment. (Timeframe= heavy at first in getting a system down, then weekly check-in and emails to team (10 min)

Story Capturer This person is responsible for capturing stories of people within the church that we can share with on Social and Stage. The story would be no longer than two paragraphs and include a picture. The stories can revolve around why they serving, why Real Life, personal testimony, etc.

First Time Guest Card Writer This person would write a personal note to each person who comes to Real Life for the first time. They would receive a list each week and would be provided with stationary and postage.

Retired Liaison/Serving and Mentoring Connector Works with the more seasoned population at Real Life to help connect them to serving and mentoring opportunities. Knows that the post retirement age is a unique, God-gifted time, where resources of time and finances are typically greater, and should be used to build God’s kingdom and desires engage this age group in kingdom work. (Timeframe- as set up by you to respond and rally for needs)


To learn more or sign up to serve in any of these roles contact: Curtis Poor

Speaker, Message Prep, Visual Elements, Arts

Sermon Artist Available for both services on infrequent weekends to provide artistic expression to the sermon. Would work with whoever is preaching the message to conceptualize an idea and use artistic skills during the sermon to enhance the message. (once or twice a quarter during all services)

Art/creative team Would work with a team and the teachers to hear about the overarching themes and specific topics of sermons to think creatively about the weekend experience and elements that can be brought in to creatively enhance the message. (once a quarter meetings)

Sermon researcher Work with our Lead Pastor, Drew, to find out sermon topics and research information, compiling succinct and pertinent information for the sermons. (a few hours each sermon series depending on how much you want to research)

Sign language Ability to sign the weekend gatherings during the service. We don’t yet have a deaf population, but we know there are a handful (ha-ha) of signers in our congregation, and if we were able to provide signing we may be able to reach the deaf. (weekly during one of the services)


To learn more or sign up to serve in any of these roles contact: Drew Froese

Worship/Broadcast/Tech Teams

Core Needs:

Videographer Someone who has an eye for and a love of capturing and editing stories. Would have their ear to the ground for opportunities to video how God is influencing lives and capturing those stories for use at Real Life. (a few hours a month)


o  Sunday AM Stagehand.  We can always use assistance in serving our Sunday morning experience. Responsible for moving podium, mic stands and other furniture as needed during weekend service

o  Slide Operator (Training Provided)

o  Lighting Operator (Training Provided)
        ⁃      Trigger light cues during weekend services (Training Provided)

o  Camera Operator (Training Provided)

Photographer Are you a skilled photographer with your own equipment?  We consistently deploy photographers to capture live action crowds, events, and website photos.

Additional Opportunities:

Hospitality Greenroom snack/water/coffee stocker – this role serves biweekly or weekly to make sure green room is ready for Sunday by replenishing snacks, water bottles and coffee supplies from onsite stock - report low stock to our office admin.

Poet On an as needed basis, occasionally a poem would be a great fit for a sermon series or a worship night

Inservice/on video narrator/reader Occasionally an in service reading or video narration. If you enjoy elements that enhance the worship experience, reach out –this is for you.


To learn more or sign up to serve in any of these roles contact: Josh Combs