What To Expect On Your Visit

Thank you for planning your visit to Real Life Christian Church!

What to Expect on a Sunday

When you arrive at our 9am or 11am service, you can expect it to last about an hour.  Wear what’s comfortable because our dress code is very casual.  The message you will hear is Bible centered and designed to speak to those who don’t know Jesus as well as those who have known Jesus for a long time.  You will hear upbeat/engaging worship songs, a message that applies to your daily life and humor.  We like to laugh. 

 At the end of service, if you would like to learn more about our church, we would love to meet you over at the "Welcome Corner.”  We  would love to say hello, give you a small gift and answer any questions you might have about our church.


Your Kids and Students will learn in a clean and safe environment and be taught age-appropriate lessons at both services.  The teaching content is designed for the specific age of your child or student. And they will actually enjoy it.  Did we mention, we like to have fun?! 

The first time you check-in your child(ren), we have someone dedicated to welcoming you and collecting the information we need about your child(ren).  Our volunteers will print your check-in stickers and show you where to go.   However, if you would like to save a few minutes when you arrive, you may fill out the Family Information Card online ahead of time to make your life easier.

Family Sunday

When you visit on the last Sunday of the month, you will get to experience one of our favorite things called Family Sunday.  Family Sundays are important to us because we have all middle and high school students join us in the main service.  We want your Student to know this is their church too and we feel it is an important time to worship and learn together with parents.  On Family Sundays, we don’t offer separate programming for middle or high school students. 

If you have any questions about your visit, feel free to email us at info@reallife.church.