Marriage and Counseling

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Marriage and Counseling

Thriving Marriages

We as a church are committed to creating environments where marriages don't just survive but thrive!  Our goal is to focus on fewer areas and do them very well; improving and creating God-centered marriages is an area Real Life desires to have a great impact.

One of the ways we do this by hosting several marriage events throughout the year. These large scale events aim to provide instruction and practical ways to grow in your relationship. We also offer small groups occasionally throughout the year, allowing couples to continue investing in their marriages and community.

We also have a Marriage Mentoring Program. Our Marriage Mentor Couples receive training through the Prepare and Enrich Mentor Program™. Our Marriage Mentor Couples have marriages that demonstrate what it looks like to have healthy (not perfect), Christ-centered marriages and they desire to walk with other couples through life by encouraging, challenging and praying for them.

Couples seeking Marriage Mentors will first take an assessment through Prepare and Enrich ™, which aids in discovering and focusing on strengths and areas of potential growth in their marriages. After completing their assessments, couples will be paired with a Marriage Mentor couple and commit to a one year mentorship program where they meet regularly working through the Prepare and Enrich curriculum. Mentorships are open to married couples and engaged couples. For those looking to have a RLCC Pastor officiate their wedding, premarital counseling (mentoring) needs to begin no less than 6 months prior to their wedding. 

Take the assessment and to be assigned a Marriage Mentor Couple

To learn more about becoming a Marriage Mentor Couple (training availability varies), complete this link.

Questions? Email our Marriage Director, Kim Bloecher

Counseling Partnerships

While there are several good counseling organizations locally, Real Life partners with two Christian-based groups: Liberating Lives and The Marriage Center. If you are looking for a good resource to receive counseling for many areas, we would encourage you to start here. Additionally, Davis Counseling and Play Therapy is a great resource for children and youth counseling.

For more information on these resources or upcoming events, contact our Marriage and Women's Ministry Director, Kim Bloecher at

Helpful Resources

Addiction/Recovery Group 

CelebrateRecovery (CR) is a Christ-centered, 12 step recovery program for anyone struggling with hurt, pain or addiction of any kind.  CR is a safe place to find community and freedom from issues that are controlling our life.  Use the link to locate local groups that meet right here in our area.

Resources for Pornography 

Article: How to Talk to Someone Struggling with Pornography

Parent Article: How to Address Suspected Teen Pornography Use

For pornography accountability/prevention software and resources visit Covenant Eyes

Mental Illness

Article: Towards A Christian Perspective on Mental Illness


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